October 21, 2020
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Muhiuddin Ghazi

Dr. Muhiuddin Ghazi completed his Alimiyat from Jamiatul Falah (UP); pursued higher studies at Darul Uloom Deoband and Jamia Islamia (Madeena); completed his PhD from Lucknow University. He is associated with various international academic and jurisprudential initiatives.

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Sabahuddin Malik

Mufti Sabahuddin Malik has completed his fazeelat from Jamiatul Falah and from Darul Uloom Deoband. He has completed MA in Arabic from Aligarh Muslim University and has specialised in Ifta wal Qaza from Imarat e Sharia (Bihar).

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S. Ameenul Hasan

S. Ameenul Hasan has done his B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Islamia Institute of Technology (Bangalore) and Masters in Psychology from Madras University (Chennai). His areas of special interest are Quran, human psychology, NLP and personality development etc. He is widely acclaimed as a motivational speaker. Currently he is serving as Vice Presi...

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Farooq Khan

Maulana Farooq Khan has done his Masters in Hindi. He also learnt Arabic and Persian. Besides teaching, he has authored and translated many works. His translation of the meaning of Quran in Hindi and compilation of Hadith (i.e. Kalam e Nubuwwat) has resonated well with readers. Quran and Comparative Religion are his special areas of interest.

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Syed Jalaluddeen Umri

Maulana Syed Jalaluddeen Umri has completed his Alimiyat from Jamia Darussalam (Oomerabad). Besides he also studied Persian and English from Madras University and Aligarh Muslim University. He has authored more than 50 works on diferent Islamic themes. Besides, he has also served as Ameer e Jamaat e Islami Hind for three consecutive terms and as Vi...

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Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqi

Dr. Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqi has completed his PhD in economics from Aligarh Muslim University. He had undergone a rigorous training in Shariah studies from Sanvi Darsgah and Jamiatul Islah. He served as Professor at AMU and King Abdul Aziz University in Saudi Arabia. Besides translating some works from Arabic, he has authored numerous books and...

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