October 29, 2020
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Director’s Message

Indian Institute of Islamic Studies and Research (IIISR) is a specialised postgraduate institute for higher education and research. The goal of the institute is to prepare new generation of youths for development of human knowledge and consciousness especially in the field of social sciences in the light of divine guidance of Quran and Sunnah. Besides, our aim is also to make our students grasp the different civilisational contexts of religion and society in India. Development of an Islamic environment for Tazkiya and overall development of students is our foremost priority.
In Indian Muslim society there are two types of educational institutes namely religious seminaries (Madaris) and modern colleges and universities. There is a gap between these two streams of education. One objective of the institute is to keep the graduates from both the streams together and through lectures, seminars, assignments and mutual dialogue remove the respective deficiencies of their streams, breed enthusiasm and cultivate knowledge and capabilities. Madaris are usually run on the basis of Maslak. At IIISR, students from different Madaris and Masalik learn together and engage in a meaningful dialogue.

Dr. Hasan Raza Director